Thank you to all patrons for your support! Here's this month's recap.

I couldn't write one last month due to a lack of free time and PC issues, so this one is gonna cover everything I've done in the past 2 months.

First off, I've created a new mod for almost all the games I support, a near-identical recreation of Half-Life movement, including bunnyhopping, ABH, surfing, rocketjumping, and even working viewmodels for some games.
This has taken up most of my time in the past month, and some actual Half-Life speedrunners have used the mod and have reported that it's pretty damn accurate to HL. You can find these mods on my site, either as part of ZMenu or as a separate mod called ZHalfLife, for Assetto Corsa, GTA III, VC, SA, IV and V, FlatOut 2, RDR2, Saints Row 3, Midtown Madness 2, Re-Volt, as well as NFS Most Wanted, Carbon, ProStreet and Undercover.

Speaking of NFS, I've added tons of new effects to Chaos for all of the NFS games I support, and released ZChaos separately for ProStreet and Undercover, available on GitHub and my site.

On the Rockstar side, I've finally released ZMenu for RDR2! It includes all the usual features, as well as the Half-Life movement option and a full mission creator! It also doesn't require a script hook of any kind, you can drag and drop the mod into your game and it'll just work.

I've also added quite a few new things to the GTA chaos mods, including hundreds of new effects (one of which is the infamous Griefer Jesus, now in ZChaos for San Andreas, and more extreme than ever) and tons of balancing and stability improvements as well as fixes to existing effects.

As for Persona, I've released ZMenu for Persona 4 Golden! This has been in development for a while since the new x64 PC port accidentally released early, so I've had a bit of time to work on it. Nevertheless it's still a WIP, but it does have quite a few of the same features as the Persona 5 Royal one.

And lastly, thank you to everyone who has played my mods and showed them on YouTube and Twitch, including JeepyGMI, PSP1G, Hugo_One, Vargskelethor, ToastedMildly, and many others!