ZMenu ProStreet


A powerful in-game trainer for NFS ProStreet, similar to my mod menus for GTA V and IV.

Default controls:

  • F7 to toggle menu
  • Numpad to navigate
  • RCTRL + Num1 to fix car
  • RCTRL + Num2 to flip car
  • ] (hold) for car speedup
  • F6 for airbreak

A full documented list of effects in Chaos can be found here.


  • Teleport (.ini save/load and the debug start location)
  • Spawn cars (can be static or have racer AI, includes a list of all cars including addons, customized and preset cars, as well as manual input)
  • Change player car model in-game
  • Built-in chaos mod with more than 300 effects and twitch voting support
  • Quake/Half-Life movement with bhopping, rocket jumping, surfing, etc.
  • Free camera
  • Custom mounted camera
  • Mouse and/or thumbstick controlled camera rotation
  • Force the career to start a freeroam game on a specific map
  • Car God Mode (can disable visual and/or health damage)
  • Fix car health and damage at any time
  • Total the car or sabotage its engine at any time
  • Modify car mass
  • Change car gravity
  • Airbreak
  • Disable auto-reset when out of bounds
  • Show current player coordinates, camera coordinates and framerate
  • Lock camera position
  • Lock world streaming position to drive out of bounds without the background disappearing
  • Unlock everything
  • Change camera properties such as distance behind car and add an FOV override or multiplier
  • Display tons of useful info about every car in the world, such as health, AI type, model name, mass, pointer in memory, etc.
  • Display various useful bits of info about the game such as pointers to the player's vehicle classes, timestep, etc.
  • Modify game timescale (including menus)
  • Debug Camera
  • Suspend the game without a pause menu
  • Change cars' shadow scale
  • Scale all cars
  • Make other cars spin
  • Teleport to camera position
  • Destroy all cops or other cars
  • Forcefield, gravity field and earthquake
  • Apply damage to player
  • Disable world streaming
  • In-menu localization reader, enter the key and get a localized string from it
  • Generate multiple types of hash keys for any string (stringhash32, bStringHash, bStringHashUpper)
  • Full controller support (LB+B, disabled by default)
  • Record car movement and play it back at any time, with up to 20 cars simultaneously (with .ini save/load support)
  • Modify car lists - unlock/lock cars, add car presets to career, put any car into the stock car list, and more
  • Change all cars to a chosen LOD
  • Disable world culling
  • Disable camera and HUD shake
  • Flying handling
  • Drift handling