ZMenu MM2 + Chaos Mod


A powerful in-game trainer for Midtown Madness 2, similar to my mod menus for GTA V and IV.

Default controls:

  • F7 to toggle menu
  • Numpad to navigate
  • RCTRL + Num1 to fix car
  • RCTRL + Num2 to flip car
  • ] (hold) for car speedup
  • F6 for airbreak


  • Teleport (with .ini save/load)
  • Change player car model in-game to any car including addon cars and traffic cars
  • Built-in chaos mod with more than 120 effects and Twitch voting support
  • Quake/Half-Life movement with bhopping, surfing, ABH, etc.
  • Proper GTA-like helicopter and plane physics
  • Finally disable the annoying jump noise
  • Free camera
  • Mouse and/or thumbstick controlled camera rotation
  • Car God Mode (can disable visual and/or health damage)
  • Fix car health and damage at any time
  • Total the car at any time
  • Airbreak
  • Show current coordinates, camera matrix and framerate
  • Lock camera position
  • Change camera FOV
  • Display various useful bits of info about the game such as pointers to the player's vehicle classes, timestep, etc.
  • Suspend the game without a pause menu
  • Full controller support (LB+B, disabled by default)
  • Scale player car
  • Scale player view
  • Destroy all cops or racer cars
  • Disable water physics
  • Gravity Field, Forcefield and Earthquake options
  • Top down camera view (with a generic style and a GTA 2 style)
  • Make all cars bouncy
  • Handbrake hopping
  • Horn boosting
  • Middle mouse fly
  • Change game timescale
  • Borderless windowed support via .ini

Supported versions

  • MM3393 (XP Patch)