ZMenu Persona 4


A WIP in-game trainer for Persona 4 Golden.

Default controls:

  • F7 to toggle menu
  • Numpad to navigate


  • Edit party members' HP, SP, level and total XP
  • Add any skill to any character, including unused and unobtainable skills as well as impossible combinations
  • Add any Persona to any character, including unused and unobtainable ones
  • Change the stats of any party member's Persona
  • Warp to any level in the game, such as any cutscene location or any part of the city
  • Infinite HP, SP and Ammo
  • Add/remove money
  • Change the background music to any track in the game
  • Built-in One Hit KO / OHKO toggle
  • Disable healing for extra difficulty
  • Call any script function at any time
  • Edit encounters (enemy types, music, etc.)
  • Toggle any bit flag

Supported versions:

  • Any Steam version should work (NOT compatible with GamePass, buy the game)