IV Fixes & Improvements


A mod that fixes various minor issues in the game.
Powered by IV-SDK.


  • Fixed double door in Roman's Cab Office
  • Fixed invisible wall in Roman's Office in MP (and added interior)
  • Fixed FIA Exit sign collision in airport
  • Fixed delay in AK47 firing animation, made tapping possible
  • Fixed a missing wall in Star Junction
  • Fixed exhaust smoke position in the Uranus
  • Fixed broken texture below the Getalife Building
  • Made cutscene weapons have the same higher texture resolution as the in-game ones
  • Added collision to the debris in a building in Alderney
  • Fixed the very top of the Rotterdam Tower having a hole in it (was already fixed in TBOGT)
  • Fixed a minor texture issue on the top of the Rotterdam Tower
  • Fixed floating light on a rooftop
  • Fixed missing gray text in a Roman hangout conversation
  • Fixed a typo in Undertaker subtitles
  • Fixed a typo in Truck Hustle subtitles
  • Added Oye to Luis' line in Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend subtitles

Supported versions:

  • (both downgraded from Steam and the original depot)