There has been a massive surge of support this month, thank you to all patrons as usual! Here's the monthly recap.

Firstly, I've released a full-blown VR mod for Saints Row: The Third and the new Saints Row reboot! Part of ZMenu, complete with motion controls and support for the Rift, Vive, Index and likely every other headset, it brings the entire game into VR with a surprising level of immersion.

Secondly, I made a new ZMenu for Sleeping Dogs! It's got the same options that you'd expect, such as Chaos with over 100 effects including some brand new ones, as well as One-Hit KO, freecam, car spawning, ped spawning, and even explosion spawning.

Speaking of new ZMenus, I've ported ZMenu to NFS Underground, including almost all of the features that the Underground 2 one had, like Chaos, playermodel changing, car scale, and many more, as well as some exclusive options such as being able to force the track ID to any track in any gamemode, including the unused Test Track and being able to roam around on the drag tracks.

And while not exactly a new release, I've also rewritten the entire ZMenu for FlatOut 1, adding Chaos to it as well as almost every feature that was previously missing here but was in the ZMenus for 2 and UC, such as taking opponents' car parts, and a working mouselook for the custom first person camera.

On the GTA front, I've released updates for the GTA V, IV, SA, VC and III ZMenus with tons of fixes and improvements as well as new features and chaos effects. ZMenu for GTA IV has seen a major restructuring of the Misc menu once again, making it easier to navigate and find options in, and a complete rewrite of the Free Camera option, now with support for attaching the camera to entities seamlessly. ZMenu for GTA III & VC has been updated too, bringing the same restructuring of menu options over to those games.

For Chaos, I've separated the mod from ZMenu for GTA SA and V, releasing them separately as ZChaos, which is useful for anyone who doesn't want ZMenu itself as well as for the sake of having a dedicated "Chaos Mod". Chaos is still bundled with ZMenu and will continue to get the same updates, this is just a lighter alternative way to get Chaos.

I've also put out a full list of chaos effects for GTA V, GTA SA, and all NFS games onto my site, with their default lengths, descriptions, notes and image previews. This should help anyone voting for effects in a Twitch stream to know what any particular new effect does.