Hello and welcome to a recap of the past 3 months. This is gonna be a long one.

Firstly, as most people already know, I've quit GTA modding and the surrounding community for good. This has vastly improved my mental health, although it does mean no more GTA mod updates. If that's something that you care about, blame the people who have been nonstop harassing, threatening and attempting to dox me for years.

In more positive news, here are all the things I've worked on recently:

By far the largest new addition is the introduction of a fully fledged multiplayer mode for ZChaos.
It currently supports FlatOut 2, NFS Most Wanted and NFS Carbon.
In NFS, simply connect to or create a game, head into the career mode or races, and you'll be able to see other players and get affected by their effects. You can bring up the player list with TAB, which also shows who's in the menus and who's in-game. The Y key opens the chat, allowing you to communicate to other players. The chat has over 100 Twitch emotes, because that's a necessity.
The FlatOut 2 system is a bit different, requiring you to create/join the match in ZMenu, and then create/join a vanilla multiplayer lobby with the other players. This will sync everyone up, and everyone playing will be affected by the effects as long as they're connected to the ZMenu lobby as well as the vanilla lobby. The chat feature also allows you to communicate with other players while in-game, which the original game didn't have support for.

I've added a ton of new minigames to ZChaos. These include:

  • Chat Sabotages Plants vs Zombies, which is basically hardcore PvZ but with chat being able to spawn zombies by typing commands. Can leads to tons of fun interactions.
  • Very Hardcore Tetris, a version of Tetris that starts at Level 20. This minigame unlocks after you beat Level 10 in regular Tetris, as a way to prove you're capable of handling the speed before throwing it at you.
  • Chat Sabotages Tetris, a version of Tetris where Twitch chat gets a piece and is able to control it in the same way they control the Chat Controls Tetris piece, but this time their goal is to mess up your play as much as possible.
  • Password Game, an entirely new minigame inspired by the password game, requiring you to go through 32 different, increasingly ridiculous criteria to create a perfect password.
  • Project DIVA, because one rhythm game wasn't enough. This is a fairly accurate recreation of the actual game, with support for .dsc charts, multi notes and sliders. Songs have been grouped by difficulty this time, allowing for somewhat of a progression system if you're new to the game. P Names, Rolling Girl, Two-Faced Lovers and Po Pi Po are all included, the minigame wouldn't be complete without them.

Tetris has also been updated in general, with a button to rotate in the other direction, fixed T piece rotation so you can now do T-Spins, a preview for where a piece would be dropped to, and a full replay system with which you can watch back your PBs if you didn't record them. I've added all of my Tetris PBs (currently the #1 records) to this system, allowing anyone to watch the scores back and see how they were achieved.

ZChaos has also seen a ton of other updates, such as an option to change how frequently each effect can appear, as well as an overall frequency for minigame effects, a blanket disable for minigame effects, and an option to lock your difficulty so you can't change it again.
I've also added a ton of new effects to most of the chaos mods, including a ton of shader-based effects, and I've made existing shader-based effects run up to 10x faster than they did before, now no longer dropping the game's framerate at all.

In terms of smaller updates, ZMenu for Persona 5 now no longer causes crashes after prolonged play, and ZPatch for NFS Most Wanted no longer breaks pausing when out of focus.

Since the previous recap was so long ago, my final GTA updates haven't been covered yet, so here they are:
I've released a new mod called GTA IV Extra Options, with tons of new vanilla-like options in the pause menu, such as toggling the cinematic cameras, or changing the game's field of view. These options are all saved and reloaded on reboot, so nothing has to be set again after you've customized everything once.
ZPatch for GTA IV now fixes the climbing bug in Out of Commission, allowing you to do the quick-time event regardless of how high your framerate is.
The mod now also allows you to load savegames from the newer, worse versions without having to downgrade your savegame. The automatic downgrader now takes care of the savegame moving as well, so savegames are now a completely non-issue, making downgrading a no-brainer.
IV Tweaker now supports loose files, such as .wft, .wtd, or .wdr, without having to pack them into an .img file. This now makes the mod much more comparable to the San Andreas modloader in terms of setup.
ZMenu for GTA IV has had a few updates as well, namely a fix to the Parachute Support option breaking friend hangouts, as well as a new, much more space-efficient format for car/ped recordings.

Overall, I thank all of you who have stuck around after I've quit GTA, and especially the ones who have kept up their support. I've still got quite a bit in me for other games, so don't worry.