Thank you to all patrons for your support! Here's this month's recap.

First off, I have released ZMenu for Persona 5 Royal less than a week after the game's release! With no compromises either, the P5R ZMenu is quite possibly one of the most feature-packed mods I have created so far, rivaling ZMenu for GTA IV in the amount of options, with everything from a randomizer for enemies, skills and personas, to a chaos mod, playermodel changing, editing your party, items, personas, security level, confidants, social stats, money, flowers, P Medals, stamps, change the date, a mouse & keyboard freecam, an option to disable keyboard/mouse input, warping to any level, the ability to start any encounter or event, disable pausing when window focus is lost, change the BGM, and even VR support with roomscale head tracking.
ZMenu isn't the only project I've created during that time either, I have also created P5ScriptHook, a way for people to make .asi plugins that use the game's own script functions as well as some other helpful features such as being able to hook DirectX.

On the topic of large projects, I've created a Chaos Mod for NFS World! It's entirely serverside, meaning if the server host installs the mod, everyone in the server will have chaos effects applied to them at random, making it the least skill-based multiplayer racing game(TM). I'm hosting a server with the mod, add this address to your Soapbox Launcher and you'll be able to try it out: SERVER NOT HOSTED ANYMORE
I've also released a lite version of ZMenu for the game, with all of the useful features such as freecam but none of the ones that can be used to gain an unfair advantage.

Other NFS games have also had their fair share of updates, including tons of new chaos effects for everything from Underground 1 to Undercover, as well as some new options for Most Wanted and Carbon like being able to slide off walls. Menu flickering has also been completely fixed on both ProStreet and Undercover.

FlatOut ZMenus have been improved a lot, ZMenu for FlatOut 1 is now fully on par with 2 and UC in features, except for the ones relating to game mechanics that weren't present in FO1. 2 and UC have been restructured a bit too, with some additional minor features.

GTA has been low on my priority list recently, but there's still been a few updates nonetheless. I've ported over the chaos QoL updates to all of the GTA ZMenus, fixed compatibility with Widescreen Fix on GTA III (it was a bug on Widescreen Fix's end with outlines, but I worked around it anyway), and added spray tag teleports to GTA SA.