Thank you to all patrons for your support! Here's this month's recap.

GTA has come back into the spotlight this month, with a ton of improvements to Chaos Mod, as well as an entire separate release of ZChaos on my GitHub for GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas! The mod itself behaves identically to ZMenu Chaos, except chaos is the only menu available and the mod is enabled by default instead of having to turn it on every time. There have also been around a hundred new effects added this month across the 3 games, each one more mind-bending than the last.

My chaos mods in general have improved a lot recently, with everything from small quality-of-life updates like being able to automatically reconnect to Twitch, to massive fixes and added customizability, like being able to almost completely change the look of the effect display, the amount of effects available for voters, and the ability to have multiple instances of the same effect run with separate timers. A new global effect has also been added that allows voters to type the names of effects into the chat to trigger them.

All my ZMenus for the Need for Speed games have been updated with some substantial backend improvements and a huge amount of new effects for Chaos as well, including all of the global updates listed above.

ZMenu for Persona 5 has also been updated, with the usual amount of new Chaos effects, and some new features, such as being able to edit extra stats and Jazz Club stats for your Personas, change the behavior of ailments and attacks (e.g. have all moves drain, or have all ailments and ailment chances always inflict a specific ailment, even for bosses) as well as an experimental VR feature that has fully functional roomscale head tracking for any VR headset.