Happy Pride Month everyone! Let's recap all of last month's events and updates.

ZMenu for GTA V has had a ton of new updates again! The Chaos Mod feature has had a massive update, and is now at a respectable effect count of 303 compared to the previous versions which only had around 150. Tons of new features have been added as well, such as editing the phone, crouching, starting scripts, a full weapon data editor, player, ped & car scaling, drunk cam and much more.

GTA IV wasn't forgotten about either, player scale is finally correct! You can make Niko as wide, tall, thin, short or long as you want without him turning into an eldritch monstrosity (though you can reenable the old behavior if you do wish to do that) it now also has a Vehicle OHKO option, making either the player's car or ALL cars explode at the slightest touch (or catch on fire if Easy Mode is enabled) as well as Object OHKO which is likely the hardest and most chaotic challenge ever created for this game, making ALL objects explode upon contact and/or damage, including poles, doors, weapon pickups, money, equipped weapons, dropped hats, dropped food, detached car parts, and too many other things to list them all. Good luck to anyone who tries to finish the game this way.

ZMenu GTA SA was updated this month as well, adding the same player scale fixes as well as tons of chaos improvements and new chaos effects.

Chaos improvements have also been done to ZMenu for GTA III & GTA VC, though these games didn't get too many other updates due to my current lack of interest in them.

As for mod requests, thank you to Internet Rob for requesting continued updates to the GTA IV scenario mod.