This month was quite eventful, thank you to all patrons for your support! Let's just get straight into it.

ZMenu IV has of course had quite a few additions and fixes as per usual, this month saw the addition of a color picker, a speedrun timer with automatic splits, Vehicle OHKO and Object OHKO, some chaos effects made into standalone toggles such as Bouncy Cars and One Bullet Mags, as well as the largest update, a massive revisit of SP Co-op with optimizations for usability, simplicity and the gameplay experience, adding proper sync for blips, subtitles, objective text and cutscenes!

I have also created a new ZMenu for Re-Volt (compatible with RVGL) with over 150 chaos effects, car spawning, playermodel changing, object spawning, and many more features that everyone's come to expect from the GTA menus.

ZMenu for GTA III and VC have been updated with major improvements and tons of new chaos effects, increasing the effect count from 150 to over 300! Many new options have been added in general, including an autosave option and toggling the on-mission flag manually.

ZMenu for GTA SA has also had massive updates, bringing the chaos effect count to over 400! Many of these effects are brand new, but lots are returning effects from my chaos for NFS and other games. Scale options have also been cleaned up, and you can now scale buildings, objects and cars as well as peds.

Massive thanks to everyone who has streamed any of the ZMenu chaos mods this month, including Hugo_One, Droosy, KuruHS, ZombiegamingHD7, IrishCoffee and anyone else who I didn't manage to catch live.