Thank you to all patrons for your continued support!

This month wasn't as eventful as the last one, but there have still been quite a few notable updates and releases.

All ZMenus have been updated to the newest shared features, such as the new UI design, and all the chaos fixes, additions and improvements.

ZMenu for GTA IV has been almost completely restructured, making a ton of previously hard-to-find options be easy to reach, as well as some improvements to car tuning and car model handling which means all of my new car ports from now on will require this ZMenu version or newer.

ZMenu for GTA SA has had a lot of updates, making the first person camera a lot more usable and enjoyable, such as player rotation, a static camera for vehicles, and some minor and major fixes. Chaos has also been updated with more effects and tons of fixes, as well as some minor fixes to IV Style Controls, for example the scrollwheel is now bindable again!

ZMenu for GTA V has been updated with some minor fixes such as compatibility with 2699, as well as some new chaos effects, and some crashes and stutters fixed. Building Scale now also has an option to center the scaling on the player, which results in some quite interesting effects.

ZMenu for FlatOut UC now has options to enable up to 32 opponents, change car paint color, make all cars cycle through a rainbow, as well as some minor fixes.

ZPatch for GTA IV has also been updated which is quite a rare event, this update fixes VRamFix, now rendering commandline obsolete for everything except -windowed.

I have also had some other ventures not directly coding related, specifically in TrackMania, to which I have converted the entirety of San Andreas and Vice City, with GTA IV's Liberty City currently in progress as well.