There has been a massive surge of support this month, thank you to all patrons as usual! Here's the monthly recap.

This month was quite eventful! I have set a new personal record in ZMenu development, having released a fully fledged ZMenu for the new Saints Row reboot within only 2 days of its release, and by the end of the release week, Chaos Mod was already implemented as well as almost every other big feature ZMenu is known for.

Other ZMenus have also had their fair share of updates, all NFS ZMenus now have authentic versions of the GTA 2 top down camera, as well as the Buttsbot and Shoutouts to SimpleFlips text-changing options. Almost every ZMenu from GTA V to NFS and Saints Row now also has an option to switch the vehicle camera to a faithful recreation of the GTA SA camera, as well as a helpful on-screen keyboard to make manual input menus usable with controllers. Most of them have also had some major restructuring done, namely the Misc menu now has more subcategories and is organized a lot better.

ZMenu for Saints Row: The Third has been overhauled, with many new options as well as fixes, for example One-Hit KO now has a Hard Mode toggle, vehicles can now be repainted, and there's an option to change helicopter controls to a control scheme that resembles the GTA games.

ZMenu for FlatOut 2 and UC has been improved a little as well, allowing for mouse camera rotation in the First Person camera.

ZMenu for GTA IV has seen a lot of updates too, although they are mostly ones already listed above. Some game-specific changes include a complete rewrite of Free Camera, now with near-perfect support for attaching to entities, as well as an option in Ped Spawning to spawn attacking enemy peds.